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Welcome to the NEW ToolWeb.com! - What's New?

The NEW ToolWeb is officially here! Along with the great new look and feel, it also has some useful new features. Below you will find an overview of some of the new features we have for you. Our development team is constantly working to improve functionality and add new features to save you time and make you more money. If you ever have an idea of something we could add to the website that would help you sell more tools, please let your salesman know, so they can share it with our team.


Feature: Checkout

The new checkout makes it very quick for you to place orders. If you typically ship to the same address, use the same shipping method and are on open account, you will literally have one click checkout! Don't worry, if you don't fall into that category, it is still really easy.




infoPlease Note: Because your privacy and security is our #1 priority, checkout will temporarily not allow you to save your credit card information for future use.  We are working to add this functionality with a completely secure and easy to use interface.




Feature: Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode allows you to switch the displayed pricing on the fly so you can show products to your customers without them seeing your cost. You can choose Original (Your Pricing), cash, credit card, finance or no pricing. The cash, credit card and finance margins are set by you in the My Account area.

Navigation: Main Menu > My Account > Kiosk Settings





Click the radio button to select the default pricing. Each time you login, the default pricing will be shown.

Set the margin percentage for each type of payment and then click Save Kiosk Settings.

To change the pricing on the fly, click "Kiosk Mode" on the footer menu and click the pricing you want displayed.

infoPlease Note: The "Add to Cart" function and checkout are only available in when showing Original (Your Pricing) pricing.




Feature: Enhanced Product Pages

The new product detail page offers many new features:

  • Multimedia carousel
    • Multiple Images with hover zoom.
    • Videos - Click Here to see a sample.
    • PDFs (Promotional and/or Parts Breakdowns)
  • You can submit your own product images and description updates.
  • Order History - You can see your most recent invoices containing the product and can click to view the invoice.
  • Quantity in stock. This will only show a maximum of 1000.
  • When market pricing is available, it will be shown in the Add to Cart area.








Feature: Mobile View

When visiting the site on a mobile device, you will automatically be shown a mobile version of the website. The mobile version doesn't have all of the same features as the desktop version but you can easily shop for products and place orders on your mobile device! See it in action: Footer Menu > Mobile View







Feature: Create a Quote

With this function, you can download a template, fill it in with part numbers and quantities and upload it. You will then be shown the items with a total cost. From here you can print, cancel or add the items to your cart. Navigation: Main Menu > My Account > Create a Quote




infoPlease Note: This feature could also be used to build an order in Excel. Upload the file and click Add to Cart for a quick way and easy way to build an order.




Feature: Newsstand

Here you can find all of the latest digital publications available in a flip book or PDF format. Navigation: Main Menu > Resources > Newsstand







Feature: Rebates

You can easily find products that have rebate offers. Rebate details, dates available and a link to download the rebate form are easily accessible from both the rebates page and the product details page. Navigation: Main Menu > Resources > Rebates







Feature: Custom Brochures

You can look like you have your own professional marketing department by using Branded Brochures. Our marketing team builds top quality brochures and you can upload your logo, set your pricing and create high quality PDFs in minutes. You can email them to your customers or take them to a print shop to have your custom brochures printed. Navigation: Main Menu > Resources > Custom Brochures







Feature: Address Book

You can set a default address that is used during checkout. You can also add and remove secondary addresses that are available during checkout. Navigation: Main Menu > My Account > Address Book




Feature: My Company

In the My Company area of the website, you can create and manage additional logins, create budgets, set user permissions and more. Navigation: Main Menu > My Company

infoPlease Note: Each user will need their own login for the site. Each username can only have one active session, so if you login on another computer, device or browser, any previously opened sessions will be logged out.




Feature: Catalog Subscriptions

You can find details on all of the catalogs we offer and download the sign up forms on ToolWeb.com. Navigation: Main Menu > Resources > Catalog Request




Features No Longer Available:

Any features that are no longer available that you need, please let your sales representative know and they can share it with our development team.

  • Saved credit cards at checkout. Because our customer’s privacy and security is our #1 priority, checkout will temporarily not allow you to save your credit card information for future use. We are working to add this functionality with a completely secure and easy to use interface.
  • Compare items tool.
  • Affiliate site management - This is still available but will need to be done through the old website now located at http://old.toolweb.com
  • Tool Manager Order Upload - Replaced with Create Quote and Quick Order
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